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Corà Parquet launches its new line of wall decorations and coverings for interiors.


continuum-floor notte

Continuum Floor

Inspired by the wood paneling of bygone times, it extends the floor to walls and ceilings, making up vertical surfaces with 3D elements. Wood panels to combine, matching with the wide range of floors of the Ranges Nu-Evo Garant and Kromia 2016 or in contrasting colors for a creative approach. ContinuumFloor consists of planks in various widths enriched with profi les optionally lighted. A wooden shell that can cover an environment from floor to ceiling, thus creating a high stylistic harmony and a contemporary look.








Boiserie is a cladding for walls that forms a mosaic of axe-split European Oak and creates a high-impact material effect brighten up by a play of light and shadow. A decorative panel for interiors that seems a 3D wall, from which small cubes of European Oak emerge with different inclinations, that interact with the light, the colors and the environment, turning iridescent.