CORA' - Timber trade and manufacturing.


The company has offices and plants in Port Gentil, forestry operations up-country (Lastourville area), a logistics warehouse in Ndjolè and a small branch in the capital, Libreville. Port Gentil, the head office of CWG, is situated on an island off the Gabon coast, well-linked to the river transport coming down from up- country.
CWG operations can be divided into four areas:

  1. forestry operations
  2. production of rotary cut veneer and plywood panels
  3. production of logs
  4. production of sawn and semi-finished wood

The forestry operations and the log sales involve the logging of more than 600.000 hectares of forestry concessions, sub-divided into different distribution areas in the centre and south of the country. All the forestry permits are managed totally respecting the new legislation of the Gabonese government for sustainable forest management, supported by environmental, social and economic impact studies on the harvesting, cutting and transporting of timber in the local area.


The production of rotary cut veneer and plywood panels is CWG's core business and the typical business of CFG, which was the primary Gabonese producer of Okoumé plywood panels. The plant in Port Gentil covers about 820,000, including 80,000 of covered storage space. The raw material coming down river empties into two stockpiling basins where the logs needed for production are extracted. The main wood species used for the production of stripped sheets and plywood panels is Okoumè.

As well as the production of rotary cut veneer and plywood panels, there is the sawmill, the natural partner to fully optimizing the raw material and completing CWG's sales range. The wood species used for log, sawn and semi-finished production are Okoumè, Bahia, Movingui, Iroko and other tropical hardwoods.