CORA' - Timber trade and manufacturing.

The warehouse stocks a range of oils and products from all over the world:

Sawn logs and sawn timber o be trimmed, semi-trimmed, and trimmed in pre-cut blocks; listons and carpentry products in more than 80 oils; North American and European resins, American hardwoods, European, African, South American and Far Esatern hardwoods.
Flooring in traditional and finished woods (the latter sold under the trademark "METODO", "MAXIMETODO" e "NUEVO", "ELISYUM", "LUXURY"), skirting boards in more than 30 wood species.
Materials specially designed for the marine sector, such as plywood panels, planks, semi-finished material and other products selected and treated to meet the needs of shipyards and shipwrights.
Plywood panels in Russian Birch, Meranti, Yellow Pine, Canadian Pine, Scandinavian Pine, for: furniture, packing, building sites and shipyards, body shops, flooring sub-bases and foundations, etc.
Sawn timber, listons, beams and planed wood in Pinewood from Austria and Russia for use in manufacturing, carpentry, packaging and building in general, delivered direct from abroad; pellets for retailers of wood-burning stoves.
Laminated panels for window and door fittings Austrian Spruce, Siberian Larch, Russian Pine, Chestnut, American and European Oak, Iroko, Niangon, Okoumè, è, Meranti, Eucalyptus.
Engineered veneer: tradename 'Engineered wood' for two production lines: New Door' for doors, 'New Furniture' for furniture, edging, panels.

General information:
Opening: 1919
Covered area: 43,695 sq.m
Uncovered area: 59,000 sq.m