CORA' - Timber trade and manufacturing.

COLLESALVETTI - The Main Logistic Warehouse
Set up after a detailed study of the wood market and its logistics. Globalization, the narrowing of the gap between production and the consumer and the resulting reduction in loading margins, the production groupings, the need for fast filling of orders, have forced import firms to concentrate on stock and focus on logistics that are becoming an increasingly determining factor in competition.

Our company, to deal with these changes and new demands, chose a large area near the port of Leghorn, (leading maritime port in Italy for container volume and number), receiving timber from all over the world, as well as re-freighting timber to Italian destinations and also abroad.

Collesalvetti is also conveniently located near the main Tuscan road arteries, making the new Corà warehouse easily accessible and central to the main road freight companies.

The warehouse has a space for unloading the containers and another large area for loading the transport trucks. Similar materials based on use and origin are also stocked here:
American Hardwoods, African Temperate Hardwoods and Far Eastern Hardwoods..

The warehouse stockpiles and supplies:
Special oils for the marine sector for special plywoods in Okoumè and Teak.

To considerably reduce the time from the ship's arrival and the availability of the material for sale and rationalize the distribution nationwide, a regular transport system has been set up, with daily return trips linking the centre with three (for the moment) of the company's eleven distribution centres. This will be our new means - flexible and efficient - to improve delivery times for all of north and central Italy.

General information:
Opening: 2006.
Covered area: 20,000 sq.m
Uncovered area: 45,000 sq.m
Drying kilns