CORA' - Timber trade and manufacturing.

Corà - Our History
Vaunting ninety years of prestigious presence in the market and four generation of management, the Corà Domenico & Figli Spa Company has played a fundamental role in the economic and productive development of the nation’s woodworking ever since 1919.

With a family administration motivated by exemplary values of dedication and effort inspired by a sensitive and dynamic enterprising spirit, Corà is the epitome of a company that has proven capable of evolution and renewal year after year, generation after generation, to achieve a series of objective that have continually consolidated the company’s image and reliability. Above all else, Corà stands for passion and dedication and handcraftsmanship is combined with the technological structure and organisation of a large, highly organised company.

Constantly involved in research and the proposal of the new products and woods to offer to its customers even since its founding over the past fifteen years the company has developed a widespread sales network with eleven branches and more than seventy expert sales representatives to cover the entire national territory.

The ample and widely assorted range of woods from all over the world (North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa), a fully-stocked warehouse, high quality standards and personalised sales and the possibility to provide accessory services such as drying, steaming, hedging, ripping, cutting to measure and further re-selection even at local storage areas makes the range offered by Corà Domenico & Figli spa the most complete offer currently available in the Italian market.

In fact the most important feature offered by Corà is its selection of SERVICES, that satisfied over 8.000 faithful clients who place their complete trust in the company’s professional expertise. From the traditional offer of logs and boards, a series of new wood-related products have come to be added over the years: flooring, both traditional and pre-finished, laminated window blanks and plywood panels.

All this, together with a highly-motivated professional staff makes Corà SYNONYMOUS WITH WOOD in Italy.