CORA' - Timber trade and manufacturing.



Our raw material:
Wood is like a book that tells a story: the growth rings take the place of words. It is an ancient and noble material that humans have always turned to for ensuring survival and improving their lifestyle.

Wood renews itself season after season, cycle after cycle. Its continuous existence depends on man's care and respect for the entire ecosystem that ecompasses this priceless elements.

More than any other material, it imparts sentiment to homes, furniture and decor: Wood enlivens, gives warmth and adorns.

The modern technology of wood has been handed down from a very ancient and highly-skilled craftsmanship. Many skills have been completely lost over the centuries, while many others have been replaced using new materials and new working methods.

Aware of the changes that have made up its history, Corà has never wished to treat wood as solely a product, but, on the contrary, in its 90 years of history in serving craftspeople and industry, it has always held trees, woods and forests to be an invaluable heritage, to be safeguarded at any cost. For this reason, the search for supply sources that are certified and sustainably managed forests, has become Corà's mission.