CORA' - Timber trade and manufacturing.

Marine - CHERRY


Range zone:
Canada, United States.
Botanical name:
Prunus Serotina.
Trade name:
Black Cherry, Cabinetry Cherry.
Average specific weight:
580 kg/m3.


General description: dark red to reddish brown heartwood; straight, fine and compact grain (with brown medullary patches), fine texture. Small pockets of resin-gum present.

Uses: Boat furnishings.



The careful search for and selection of the best suppliers, aimed at establishing stable, continuing and efficient relations, results in the supply of the best products from the regions involved.

The best timber is earmarked for Italian production. This selection, along with our careful controls during processing and transformation, results in offering the highest quality to the Italian market.


27 to 80


FAS F1F Trimmed /Dried

Trimmed /Dried selected prod.

Untrimmed/Dried Quality A our production (ITA)

Untrimmed/Dried Quality A/B