CORA' - Timber trade and manufacturing.

Marine - OAK - SLAV


Range zone:
Balkan area.
Botanical name:
Quercus Petraea.
Trade name:
Depending on source.
Average specific weight:
690 kg/m3.


General description: light brown heartwood, straight to irregular and crossed grain depending on growth conditions. Radially cut surfaces show characteristic silvery figure owing to wide radials.

Uses: marine craft furniture and interior walls, boat-building (wet docks, ports), coastal storm barriers.



Untrimmed / Dried material available.

Thicknesses: 27 to 80

Different qualities are available:

Our Production LIPA DRVO

Quality A+, A, A/B, B

And also available

Bouls Thicknesses: 40 to 80 quality A, A/B