CORA' - Timber trade and manufacturing.

Timber - LINDEN


Range zone:
Europa, UK.
European hardwood.
Botanical name:
Trade name:
Linden, Lime.
Average specific weight:
540 kg/m3.


General description: creamy-yellowish colour, yellowish-brown to light brown with seasoning; straight grain, fine, unifrom texture.

Uses: in-lay work, cutting boards for leatherwork, broom handles, beehive frames, hat forms, harmonica boards, piano keys, harps, toys; craftswork, clogs and soles, paint brushes, turned objects, bobbins; engineered veneer for decorative veneering.

Use: Inside


Our sawmill MI.CO Legnami in Romania, is ideally situated,  procuring the best local timber, thus offering the Italian market with a high quality and highly precious product.

Thicknesses - 27 to 120

The product line has 3 qualities:

Selected trimmed 80/20

Thicknesses - 27 to 50

(In particular, fixed lengths 220/230/240 in thicknesses of 40 and 50, specifically produced for door production).

First quality Untrimmed

Second quality Untrimmed