CORA' - Timber trade and manufacturing.

Timber - NIANGON


Range zone:
Equatorial West Africa.
Africa hardwood.
Botanical name:
Tarrietia Utilis.
Trade name:
Niankom, Wishmore, Ogouè.
Average specific weight:
660 kg/m3.


In Italy, Corà offers made-to-measure services as per customer specification, providing the thickness and length production and delivery as requested.

General description: light to dark red heartwood, clearly distinguishable white or greyish sapwood; interlocked grain (wavy and irregular) producing irregular streaky shapes on radial surfaces, quite coarse texture with clear radial shape. Oily to touch due to presence of resin.

Uses: exterior furniture, window/door frames, exterior doors, wharves, boat-building, load-bearing structures.

Use: Inside/Outside



Semi-trimmed at origin is reselected in Italy: then on to the rejects and scraps of damaged boards.

The best logs are earmarked for Italian production. This selection, along with our careful controls during processing and transformation, results in offering the highest quality to the Italian market.


Trimmed at origin / Dried

Reselected Semi-trimmed at origin / Dried

Semi-trimmed - our production (ITA)