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STEAMED BEECH - Varnisched


General description: light pinkish brown heartwood. In Europe, it is steamed, thus taking on a homogeneous reddish brown colour. Some trunks exhibit dark red patches or darker veining. Straight grain and fine, uniform texture.

Uses: high quality joinery, solid wood and laminate furniture, desks and benches, chairs, heels, sporting equipment, toys, bobbins, working tool handles, turning, musical instruments, home flooring, heavy construction. Veneering exhibits beautiful speckled shapes on radially cut surfaces and radials on longitudinal surfaces.

Use: Inside



Supply from the particular area in the Balkans guarantees one of the best products in Europe or grain, texture and colouring.

Trimmed / Dried Quality A

Thicknesses 27/40/50/60

Mono-length packs 210 plus

Untrimmed / Dried Quality A, A/B

Thicknesses - 27 to 100

Range zone:
Bosnia Erzegovina.
European hardwood.
Botanical name:
Fagus Sylvatica.
Trade name:
Depending on origin.
Average specific weight:
720 kg/m3.