CORA' - Timber trade and manufacturing.

Highly experienced
90 years of experience in the sector, highly experienced personnel and on-going research and development allow Corà to advise customers in selecting the most appropriate materials.
Selection and care of materials
The hand-picked assortment of a wide range of fine woods to be found in roofed storage areas, warehouses and fully-equipped deposit yards guarantee the quality and intact conservation of the wood and other products over time.
Hedging, ripping and cutting to measure
These are some of the services available to satisfy the needs of local users while personalising the supply to specific requirements of individual customers.

Seasoning, steaming and drying
With over 6,000 cubic meters of kiln drying capacity per cycle, places Corà in the ranking of one of the European leaders in the sector, allowing for the supply of perfectly dried materials ready for use saving customers time and money.
Just in time and just in size deliveries
Complete the range of Corà's services satisfying the needs of both small and medium-sized users while providing valuable assistance to customers in drawing up production plans and raw material stock management programs.